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Improving Transportation

March 11, 2001

* Re "Helping Deliver Transit Goods," Valley Perspective, March 4. If the logjam holding back cash that would help us get from Laurel Canyon Boulevard and the 101 Freeway to the Getty Center at the 405 Freeway and Sunset Boulevard in less than 1 1/2 hours (a distance of about 7 miles) during the morning drive has been cleared, then praise the Lord and let's all get behind the Strike Force.

David Fleming and Richard Katz have my support, and they should have yours, no matter where you live. We must take an active role in our communities' decisions. Get involved; it will make you feel wonderful.

There are many ways to help [make] traffic flow better than it is now: changes to our freeway construction; driving habits; having a B, C and D plan for your daily drive; common-sense updates to the equipment we already have.

Just moving the metered lights on the Burbank Boulevard onramp to the [north-bound] 405 closer to the freeway itself instead of where they are now would help with the already jammed intersection of Burbank and Sepulveda. And [it would] relieve the slowdown on the [northbound] 405 that starts about 3:30 p.m. every day with large numbers of vehicles hitting the merge area at the same time.

How about spending, what, 50 bucks, painting a merge line that would show some how to enter a freeway easily instead of jumping into lanes too quickly?

There are hundreds of suggestions to make by people who do the driving and commuting. These are things that people in a position to do something must know about.

The money is there. Let's get involved. Just do it!


Valley Village

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