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Hayden's Residence

March 11, 2001

* Re "Hayden Feeling Heat over Addresses," Feb. 22.

Do us the service of comparing Tom Hayden's record to that of his opponents. Keep us informed about real issues that matter. What a shame that The Times wastes our time with this trivial matter of residency when Hayden has represented our community as a state senator and accomplished so much.

Hayden did what was required to legally run for City Council, and if he wins, he has promised that he will be a full-time resident of the San Fernando Valley as well. One thing we know for sure about Tom Hayden: He is a man of his word.


Sherman Oaks


5th District City Council candidate Jack Weiss should drop this Hayden residency thing.

He should also forget about Hayden loaning himself money. The city attorney's office has refused to remove Hayden from the ballot, and there's nothing illegal or unethical about a candidate spending his own money. Better his than mine.

Weiss instead should refocus on his record of service to 5th District residents. Oh yeah--he doesn't have one! And The Times should pay more attention to the real issues in the 5th District and less to Jack's whines.



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