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Bluthenthal Tries to Rebound

March 17, 2001|MIKE TERRY

UNIONDALE, N.Y. — Despite having another subpar game--no points (missing all three shots) and three rebounds before fouling out--David Bluthenthal probably will remain in the starting lineup against Boston College.

"Dave will start right now in my mind," Coach Henry Bibby said. "You're going to have games where you aren't good. But the good part of this, and I told Dave this last night, is you have another game to prepare for. So you can't live through the game you didn't play well in. You've got to get back and play well again."

Bluthenthal's teammates know how important it is for him to bounce back with a better game.

"Dave is vital to how well we play as a team, as far as rebounding and shooting outside," Brandon Granville said. "He gives a lot of versatility to our offense. He's had games like this before, so I know he's getting focused and will bring his best effort on Saturday."


Jeff Trepagnier and Boston College forward Jonathan Beerbohm will see each other again in a dunking contest during the Final Four (if neither of their teams is playing).

When asked to access Beerbohm's chances, Trepagnier said, "He can jump, he has a little boost." Then Trepagnier added, laughing, "But not as much as me."

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