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Trips for Those Who Can't Sit Still

March 18, 2001

We all know people who refuse to slow down: workaholics, workout fanatics, compulsive overachievers. It used to be that these stress addicts hated taking vacations, but now they've inspired their own travel trend: multi-sport adventures. This breed of package tour is designed for those who can't sit still. While many of these trips are best for those who have a steady relationship with their gym, itineraries and activities are sometimes flexible enough to accommodate travelers of all abilities. Here is a list of trips designed for the leisure-impaired:


(, 800-255-4266) offers "Exploring Belize" for travelers who feel the need to do more than sit on a beautiful beach. The odyssey includes hiking through jungles and the Mayan ruins of Lamanai, mountain biking through rain forests, cave tubing, river kayaking and snorkeling off a private cay.

Price: $1,695 for seven days.

Level of Pain: Achy; 1 aspirin bottle



(, 800-322-5235) specializes in trips to remote locations. Travelers who take their "Himalayas and Beyond" expedition to Nepal go mountain trekking in the Everest area, canyoning and rafting in the Class IV rapids of the Bhote Kosi river, mountain biking through Bhaktapur and elephant-back riding and canoeing through the Royal Bardia National Park in search of tigers.

Price: $2,690 to $3,890, depending on the number of travelers, for 21 days.

Level of Pain: Sore; 2 aspirin bottles



(, 800-657-2694) offers "Beyond Rangoon: Hidden Burma." The expedition consists of a sailing/kayaking/hiking excursion in Mergui, scuba diving or snorkeling on pristine coral reefs complete with sharks, a cycling tour of the Pagan region's temples and trekking around Mandalay.

Price: $2,895 to $2,995, depending on the number of travelers, for 15 days.

Level of Pain: Throbbing; 3 aspirin bottles



(, 800-500-3398) describes its adventure packages as "not lazy vacations, but you'll finish our trips more rested than if you'd spent two weeks in bed!" If you believe that, try the "Rimu," an exploration of the South Island that includes backpacking through national parks, sea kayaking Milford Sound, cycling the Hollyford Valley, glacial hiking in the southern Alps and dog sledding. Bungee jumping off a bridge and mountain biking are optional.

Price: $1,999 for 14 days.

Level of Pain: Intense; 4 aspirin bottles



(, 888-MTSOBEK) offers the "Fjords of Greenland" for outdoor enthusiasts who don't mind the threat of hypothermia. The expedition-style sea kayaking journey on Greenland's southeastern coast consists of 11 days of serious kayaking interspersed with optional day hikes through arctic scenery.

Price: $3,190 to $3,590, depending on the number of travelers, for 16 days.

Level of Pain: Excruciating; 5 aspirin bottles

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