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Pitino, Knight Stay in the Job-Seeking Limelight

March 18, 2001|Associated Press

Louisville doesn't have much longer to wait to find out if Rick Pitino is going to be its next basketball coach.

"I'm going to tell Louisville on Wednesday," Pitino said Saturday. "I don't want to drag this on much longer. Louisville has been great to me."

Pitino will provide analysis for CBS during today's Midwest Regional second round games at Dayton, Ohio. After that, he will go to Boston to discuss the Louisville coaching situation with his family.

Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich has said Pitino is the only candidate to fill the vacancy left by retired Hall of Fame coach Denny Crum.


Sounding more like a teacher than a coach, Bob Knight met with Texas Tech students who will be asked for input on whether he will be hired as the school's basketball coach.

According to the students, the former Indiana coach talked about making sure players graduate, building interest in the basketball program and offering lessons--both on basketball and on life.

Knight wrapped up three days in Lubbock, Texas, Saturday, including another meeting with Texas Tech president David Schmidly and athletic director Gerald Myers.

Knight can't be offered the job until Friday because of a university policy that the post remain vacant for 10 business days. It opened when James Dickey was fired March 9--four days after Schmidly and Myers met with Knight in Florida about the job.

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