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March 20, 2001

Rules limit high school pitchers to 10 innings a week. Should similar limitations be placed on athletes in other sports to prevent injuries attributed to overuse?


La Habra, Softball Coach

Any time you step onto a court or field there is potential risk of injury. We, as coaches, take the necessary precautions with protective wear, having first-aid kits, ice at practices and games, but there is no way to eliminate injuries by limiting playing time. The motor program of pitching overhand has been documented by sports medicine experts to cause stress to the elbow and rotator-cuff area. This area needs to be iced and rested and not overused or injury will happen. I can't think of any other sport, if played properly, that overuse will result in injury. So my answer is no.


UC Irvine, Volleyball Coach

I don't think limiting playing time in our sport would reduce injuries. A lot of "overuse' injuries aren't as much overuse as misuse. Technique is important, and a lot of coaches aren't conscious of correct technique. If you could work on strengthening certain muscle groups and using the right motions, then you would have far fewer injuries in volleyball. Success in volleyball comes through repetition. The sport is redundant, if you think about it, but it's gaining the ability to focus through that redundancy, so you need that repetition.


Pacifica, Softball

There shouldn't be restrictions on athletes because a person should know how far they can go. If they're feeling great, are conditioned for what they're doing, and they're ready for it, then bring it on. But you have to listen to what your body is telling you. Hopefully your coach respects you enough to listen to how you're feeling.


Esperanza, Football

I don't think [the rule] pertains to any other sports. Pitching is the only problem in my eyes. In baseball, the players have so many games, and the risk of injury is so high. You can get injured playing football, but it wouldn't be because of overuse.


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