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These Silly Sites Point the Way to Fun Online

March 22, 2001|KAREN JONES |

In addition to having irresistible domain names, and celebrate the nonsensical and are good alternatives for kids who want to explore the lighter aspects of the Web. at describes itself as "proud to be weird, silly and stupid," and that's just what it is.

Primarily an e-commerce site, sells a wacky collection of strange and useless items in a thoroughly entertaining manner. Think Mad magazine meets Kmart.

Visitors to can get their fill of items such as the Mr. Potato Head Massager, a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat and Dr. Evil's Bag of Shhhh. There are Stupid fashion statements such as the hermit crab sunglasses and the Three Stooges Christmas tie, plus weird watches and key chains.

Though is kid- and family-friendly, some material could be confusing for very young children.

The mission of, at, is to find the most fun and interesting sites on the Internet and present them for easy accessibility.

It should first be noted that this site is geared toward teens. provides links to a vast number of pre-screened sites. But the site won't guarantee their content.

There is little original information available on Its appeal, for those looking to fill a little down time, is a well-organized inventory of direct links to amusing and bizarre sites. categorizes the sites under a number of sections including Games, Music, Nutty News, Cool Contests, Movies and Just Plain Weird.


Karen Jones is a freelance writer specializing in children's interactive media.

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