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Los Angeles Times Children's Bestsellers March 25, 2001

March 25, 2001

1 OLIVIA by Ian Falconer (Atheneum: $16) The marvelous and mischievous black, white and red adventures of a girl pig. (Ages 3 to 7)

2 HARRY POTTER & THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS by J.K. Rowling (Scholastic: $6.99) Harry risks his life to solve a mystery at Hogwarts School. (Ages 9 to 12)

3 FANTASTIC BEASTS & WHERE TO FIND THEM by Newt Scamander (Scholastic: $3.99) An A to Z listing of magical beasts from the "Harry Potter" realm. (Ages 9 to 12)

4 HARRY POTTER & THE SORCERER'S STONE by J.K. Rowling (Arthur A. Levine: $5.99) A young boy discovers that he is a magician. (Ages 9 to 12)

5 HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS by Thomas Rockwell (Yearling Books: $4.99 paper) A boy must eat 15 worms in 15 days. (Ages 9 to 12)

6 QUIDDITCH THROUGH THE AGES by Kennilworthy Whisp (Scholastic: $3.99) A guide to Harry Potter's favorite sport. (Ages 9 to 12)

7 THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien (Houghton Mifflin: $12) The adventures of Bilbo Baggins. (Ages 9 and up)

8 IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO THE MOVIES by Laura Numeroff (Harper Collins: $15.95) A demanding mouse shows how actions have consequences. (Ages 4 to 8)

9 MARGUERITE MAKES A BOOK by Bruce Robertson (J. Paul Getty Publications: $18.95) Illuminated manuscripts in the 15th century. (Ages 9 to 12)

10 LIVES OF THE ATHLETES by Kathleen Krull (Harcourt Brace: $20) The public triumphs and private lives of 20 world-class athletes. (Ages 9 to 12)

Rankings are based on a Times poll of Southland bookstores.

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