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Nov. 2, 2001

Position No. 5662: White to play and win. From the game Brock-Zimninski, Reno 2001.

Solution to Position No. 5661: Black wins a piece with 1 ... e4! 2 Qxe4 Bg4, threatening 3 ... Re8. If 3 Ndc1, then 3 ... Re8 4 Qd3 Qe7 5 Kf2 Bf5 6 Qd2 Nd5 wins the Bishop.


The American Open, always a highlight of the local chess circuit, gains enhanced status this year because of a connection to the U.S. Championship. The 12 highest-scoring eligible entrants will earn invitations to the 56-player U.S. Championship, scheduled for January in Seattle.

The competition may be more intense this year, but the extra attractions (chess lectures, free chess movies and separate five-minute and 10-minute tournaments) remain unchanged.

The American Open is scheduled for Nov. 22-25 at the Furama Hotel, 8601 Lincoln Blvd.; Los Angeles. For more information, call Jerry Hanken at (323) 257-9839 or Randy Hough at (626) 282-7412.


The October Chess Fest, one of the largest scholastic events ever in Southern California, took place last Saturday in Santa Clarita. Organizer Jay Stallings of the California Youth Chess League provided music, face painting, T-shirts, and lectures by IM Jeremy Silman to achieve the terrific turnout of 275 players.

Winners by grade: Boris Kitapszyan, kindergarten; Michael Cosley, first grade; Jackson Stallings, second grade; Kevork Karakouzian, third grade; Gevorg Khachatrian and Armen Samuelian, fourth grade; Melinda West, fifth grade; Anand Kesavaraju and Julian Landaw, sixth grade; Randy Myers, seventh grade; Vanessa West, eighth grade; Max Landaw, ninth grade; Harut Keshishian, 10th grade; Minas Nordanyan, 111th grade; and Ilya Malinskiy, 12th grade.

Varuzhan Akobian is the early leader in the John Rowell Invitational, a 10-player round robin that began last weekend in Century City. Akobian has 31/2-1/2, a half-point ahead of Melikset Khachian. Next at 21/2-11/2 are state champion Levon Altounian and Armen Ambartsoumian. Anyone who scores 51/2-31/2 or better earns a norm toward the title of International Master. The tournament concludes Sunday.

William Pennucci, Jonathan Hanish, David Nufer, Ilya Malinskiy and Steve Conant led their sections in the Wilshire Chess Society tournament last Sunday at the Westside Pavilion. The club will not run a November event but plans a blitz tournament on Dec. 23. Call Michael Jeffreys at (310) 473-6291 for information.

The Exposition Park Chess Club will conduct a free nonrated tournament on Sunday in the public library, 3665 S. Vermont Ave.; Los Angeles. Register at the site at 1 p.m.

Carlos Garcia edged Fereidon Geula on tiebreak to win the eight-player round robin at the West Valley Chess Club in West Hills. Each scored 51/2-11/2. Max Sorkin won the concurrent 33-player Swiss System tournament with a score of 6-1. Class prizes went to Barry Petersen, Ped Bashi, Vigen Haroutunian, Yale Warsaw and Greg Arsenault.

The West Valley Chess Club runs tournaments continuously on Thursday evenings in the Jewish Community Center, 22622 Vanowen St., West Hills. For details, call John Price at (818) 363-1379 or Duane Cooper at (818) 999-0837.

The Santa Monica Bay Chess Club, which meets at 7 p.m. Mondays in Joslyn Park, 633 Kensington Road, Santa Monica, begins a three-round tournament on Monday. For details, call Pete Savino at (310) 827-2789.

The November Octos will be held Nov. 10 at the Chess Center, 2657 Irvine Ave., Costa Mesa. Each entrant plays three games against opponents in his eight-player section. Call Mike Carr at (949) 768-3538 for full information.


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