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Fight Terrorism With Economic Recovery

November 04, 2001

Am I the only person not surprised that the economy is in a recession ("Economic Expansion Has Ended," Nov. 1)? Or am I the only one who remembers Sept. 10? On that day, people were concerned about us having to dig into the Social Security surplus to pay for President Bush's tax cut. The next day it was give Bush everything he wants--billions to bomb Afghanistan, billions to give to the airlines, etc.

Time to wake up, America. The only terror we have to face is the future we are creating for our children.

John Darling



Winning the war against terrorism and the economic recovery of the U.S. are interdependent and equally important objectives, not only for America but the future of mankind. Whoever masterminded this terrorist attack on Sept. 11 did it with mature thinking, keeping both these objectives in view. Winning this war depends on, besides other things, sustained economic recovery.

The measures announced by the government for economic recovery are not enough. They are more political in nature and hardly touch the basic economic issues. How can Capitol Hill inspire the nation and world if it is closed down?

Siddheshwar Prasad

Temple City

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