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Two Views of Yosemite

November 04, 2001

Diana Homer is right about accommodations problems at Yosemite National Park ("Lodging a Complaint," Letters, Oct. 21).

My wife and I recently stayed in a cabin at Curry Village in the park. We knew it to be rustic, but we expected it to be clean for $95 plus an energy surcharge. There was no pad beneath the sheet, which the maid did not tuck in. By morning I found myself lying directly on the filthiest mattress one could imagine. It was disgusting.



We recently returned after a couple of days in Yosemite National Park enjoying the fall colors and the beautiful weather. We stayed in the Curry Village cabins, a little more rustic than the Yosemite Lodge, and we had a different experience from Homer's.

We didn't go for the amenities, just the beauty of our favorite getaway spot. We had plenty of bar soap in our room, along with a comfortable, clean bed. Our only complaint is that we couldn't get a room for an additional night.



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