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Events at a Glance

November 08, 2001


The Bush administration escalated its crackdown on Osama bin Laden's financial network, freezing the assets of 62 organizations and individuals suspected of directly raising money and providing other critical support for him. Two of the organizations, Al Barakaat and Al Taqwa, have a significant presence in the U.S. and 40 other nations, and are believed to funnel "tens of millions" of dollars annually into Bin Laden's terrorist network, a Treasury Department official said.


In a chilling 911 call that raises new questions about delays in treating postal workers, Washington postal employee Thomas Morris Jr. told a dispatcher hours before his death that he suspected he had been exposed at work to an envelope containing lethal anthrax spores.


Bombing campaigns from World War II to Yugoslavia suggest that Taliban casualties will probably rise dramatically only after an extensive ground offensive draws soldiers from their caves and urban encampments and into the sights of U.S. bombers, military analysts say. But even without killing large numbers of troops, the air war could be critical to the success of the campaign, they say.


The detention of nearly 1,200 foreigners after the Sept. 11 attacks may make sense to many Americans, but it has become a sore point in Pakistan, where the arrests are viewed as shoddy treatment for a front-line country that has gone out on a limb to back the United States.

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