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The Dead

November 11, 2001

This is a list of additional names added to the total of confirmed dead in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The list, released after Nov. 2, updates accountings that have appeared in The Times each Sunday since Sept. 11. This week's list contains no new names from the Pentagon attack. The number of those unaccounted for, according to officials in New York City, is about 3,800.

Joseph R. Allen

John J. Badagliacca

Walter Baran

Paul M. Benedetti

Janice L. Blaney

Lawrence F. Boisseau

Robert A. Campbell

Vivian Casalduc

Juan Armando Ceballos

Pamela Chu

Daniel M. Coffey

Jason M. Coffey

Keith E. Coleman

Albert Conde

John A. Cooper

Gerard J. Coppola

Gavin Cushny

Jeannine Marie Damiani-Jones

Scott M. Davidson

Anthony R. Dawson

Antoinette Dugar

Fanny M. Espinoza

Lee S. Fehling

Godwin Forde

Ladkat K. Ganesh

Catherine Carmen Gorayeb

Sebastian Gorki

Wade B. Green

Denise Gregory

Christopher J. Hanley

Elizabeth Holmes

John Katsimatides

SeiLai Khoo

Frederick Kuo

Amarnauth Lachhman

James P. Ladley

Joseph A. Lafalce

Steven Lawn

Matthew G. Leonard

Alisha Caren Levin

Robert M. Levine

Edward Lichtschein

Steven B. Lillianthal

Gerry Lozier

Catherine Fairfax MacRae

Edward F. "Teddy" Maloney

Kevin M. McCarthy

Tara McCloud-Gray

Tonyell McDay

Terence A. McShane

Joel Miller

Ronald K. Milstein

Judith A. Reese

Laura Rockefeller

Efrain Romero

James A. Romito

Joshua M. Rosenblum

Nolbert Salomon

Kirsten Santiago

John G. Scharf

Jeffrey Schreier

Susan Lee Kennedy Schuler

Paul A. Skrzypek

Donald F. Spampinato

Anthony M. Starita

William R. Steiner

Derek O. Sword

Perry A. Thompson

Richard J. Todisco

Sankara S. Velamuri

Frank J. Vignola

Courtney Wainsworth Walcott

Steven Weinberg

Louis C. Williams

Brent J. Woodall

John B. Works

Adel Agayby Zakhary

Jie Yao Justin Zhao

Igor Zukelman


Compiled from lists provided by the Associated Press and the coroner's office of New York City.

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