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How to Accessorize the Perfectly Pampered Pet

November 15, 2001|From Associated Press

NEW YORK — There is no need for a pampered pet to lead a dog's life anymore.

Just about every luxury offered to humans is now available for their furry friends. Spa treatments, jewelry and perfume can be part of a pet's daily routine.

Liz Claiborne is launching decorated collars with dangling charms--complete with a colored rhinestone.

Dog Generation, which already makes perfumes for cats and dogs, is introducing its Dog Tag jewelry line, different pendants surrounded by a spiked ring. There even is a watch-pendant version.

Wendy Diamond, editorial director of Animal Fair magazine ("a quarterly publication for animal lovers"), says she is being a concerned and nurturing mom when she puts her rescued Maltese, Lucky, in a sweater or a coat. Lucky, she explains, has very short hair and gets cold easily.

A fur bed and a pink patent leather carrier are among Diamond's most extravagant buys.

"It's not to show off. It's just like if I had a baby. I'd always want her to look amazing because she's mine and I love her."

Diamond attributes the pet-accessory craze to the fact that many urban women have moved away from their families and are having children later in life. "People get pets to make up for that friendship and family bond."

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