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Winning Can Be Losing

November 16, 2001

I fear that the United States' war against defenseless Afghanistan only makes the point that we are the haves and they are the have-nots. It further points out to those who hate us that the only weapon they have is terrorism. Our early victories (?) have not flushed out one terrorist.

I don't believe that Osama bin Laden will ever be taken alive, and if he is pushed to suicide he will become a martyr, which will only encourage others to rise up and take his place. Philosophically the only thing terrorists have plenty of is time, and with time they will again find our soft underbelly and strike.

Neither terrorists nor governments have ever learned the lesson that violence only breeds more violence, and the dance goes on.

Philip Wilt

Van Nuys


Osama bin Laden, may his tribe decrease.

Michael D. Mauer

Los Angeles

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