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Inner Turmoil on Waldron Island

November 18, 2001

My goodness, but aren't the people on Waldron Island impressed with themselves ("Private Lives," by Barry Siegel, Oct. 28)? Without any apparent sense of irony, they declare that they endure harsh conditions as the price for escaping the evils of the outside world, while they blithely do exactly what everyone else does: greedily protect their own interests. They are petty and selfish, they violate each other's rights, disregard reasonable laws and rebel against ill-defined enemies, but they consider their actions an acceptable means for protecting their lifestyle. Yet when non-islanders do the same, Waldronites self-righteously brand it reprehensible conduct. How conceited, and, as always, pride cometh before the fall.

Steven L. Ziemba



PhDs and poets?! Perhaps those weren't the people interviewed for the Waldron Island article. It's ironic that these individuals who seek to defy and escape the concept of meddling government have, in fact, created their own perverse version of the same institution. Perhaps we should look into creating more exclusive island communities around the world for the placement of other vindictive social misfits.

Jason Weesner


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