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November 22, 2001|Larry Stewart

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What: "New York Stories ... of Enduring Spirit"

Where: The Golf Channel, today, 9 a.m.; Monday, 6 p.m.

The Golf Channel's Rich Lerner, a reporter and anchor for "Golf Central," went to New York not long after the terrorist attacks to find victims and survivors with connections to golf.

Lerner found five compelling stories and what evolved was a one-hour special, first shown Wednesday night.

One story is about Ken Eichele, a 28-year veteran battalion chief who was trying to qualify for a USGA tournament Sept. 11 when he left in midround to return to his firehouse. He was thwarted because all the bridges to the city were closed, which might have saved his life. Nine men from his firehouse were killed.

Michael Weinberg, another New York City firefighter, wasn't as fortunate. He was getting ready to tee off when he heard the news. His sister, Tricia, was in the North Tower, on the 72nd floor. He got through the barricades by hitching a ride on an emergency vehicle. Tricia survived, Michael didn't.

Andrew Alameno of Westfield, N.J., worked on the 101st floor of the North Tower. He had just made clubs for his 5-year-old son, who had begun playing with his dad. Alameno perished in the attacks.

Matt McDermott, who worked with Alameno, also died. McDermott and his wife, Susan, had honeymooned at Pebble Beach and their revolved around golf.

Jim Connor, a golf enthusiast who worked for the banking firm of Sandler O'Neil, was one of 12 residents of the small town of Summit, N.J., who died.

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