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Israel Must Defend Against Terrorists

November 25, 2001

Re "Powell Speech Sets Stage for Mideast Talks," Nov. 20: What is wrong with Secretary of State Colin Powell? How can he chastise Israel for defending itself against the PLO terrorists when we are doing the exact same thing against Osama bin Laden and his terrorist goons? Israelis need to defend themselves against the Palestinian terrorists; it's a matter of Israel's livelihood. It's a matter of freedom, it's a matter of democracy--things that America embraces. We're beginning to think Powell is a terrorist sympathizer. Powell owes Israel an apology.

Shirley May Bucchanan

Mike Sandoval



A Palestinian state will be like a circle within a rectangle. It will be surrounded by a single nation, it will not have a border with any other nation and it will be controlled by a benefactor. In the United States this institution would be described as a prison.

Robert Pisapia

Westlake Village

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