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At a Loss for Gift Ideas?

Worry not, dear elves. We've scouted out the latest and best--and it's all stuff we'd want.

November 29, 2001

The best way to buy the perfect tech gift is also the least classy.

Just ask.

That way, you know exactly what model number and color the recipient wants.

So if the smile isn't genuine when the gift gets opened, well, that's not your problem. All you did was follow orders.

Of course, most people find the direct approach a little tacky. Luckily, Tech Times has no such hang-ups.

That's why we've devoted this issue to helping you find the perfect gift for the technophiles on your list.

It's all stuff we'd like to get, so consider this our public wish list. Feel free to snitch our ideas and pass them off as your own.

You'll be brilliant.

That is, if you keep a couple of warnings in mind.

Keep the receipt. Even the finest electronic gear can have manufacturing glitches. Exchanges are much easier with the proper documentation.

And note the return policies of any merchants you frequent. They vary widely, and some are less forgiving than others.

Read the fine print.

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