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No Suspects in Killing of Couple in Tujunga

Crime: Police did not identify the man and girlfriend found dead in condominium, or say how they were killed.


Police said Friday they still had no suspects in the killings of a man and woman in a Tujunga condominium.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives did not identify the victims or disclose how they were killed. They said the dead man had been living in the condominium and the woman was his girlfriend. The bodies were found Thursday by the man's roommate.

The police said they were examining the second-floor, two-bedroom residence in the 10100 block of Commerce Avenue.

"The crime scene has the potential for scientific evidence so we're proceeding with caution," said Lt. Clay Farrell of the LAPD's Robbery-Homicide Division.

The bodies were found by Michael Gregorian, 23, whose family owns the condominium, according to his father. Armond Gregorian said his son threw a party there Wednesday night, but left at 3 a.m. Thursday when it became too rowdy.

Gregorian, 48, said the roommate had intimidated his son and outstayed his welcome.

"That guy was forcefully living there," he said. "[Michael] wanted to stay away from him."

Michael Gregorian could not be reached.

Farrell said witnesses told the police that gang members congregated at the condominium. Neighbors said the Gregorian residence was a source of many problems over the last year.

Ara Dorian, who lives next door, said he called the police on several occasions to complain about noise and alleged drug use at Gregorian's condominium. Dorian said he was preparing a petition for neighbors who wanted Gregorian evicted.

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