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In Memoriam: Heroes LaRue and Richardson

October 27, 2001

Knowing that one man has succeeded in manipulating others into murdering more than 5,000 people, I will try to remember that another man--the captain of a 455-foot ship designed to carry no more than 59 individuals--managed to transport 14,000 refugees, plus five babies born during the voyage, to safety.

Your admirable tribute to Capt. Leonard LaRue (obituary, Oct. 22) contained one error, for he does indeed leave survivors: They are the people who would not be alive today had not one heroic man made the decision to save them, and their parents before them.

Janet Whitcomb

Rancho Santa Margarita


I was genuinely moved and enthralled by Myrna Oliver's coverage of the demise of World War II hero Iliff D. Richardson (obituary, Oct. 23) and his accomplishments under the most adverse circumstances. It was truly men like this who played a decisive role in the outcome of the war against the Axis powers. Now I know why two motion pictures were based on this hero's exploits. We can only pray there are other such men waiting in the wings during the difficult and very "different" war with which we are now confronted.

Alan V. Weinberg

Woodland Hills

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