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Let's Just Call Them a Bunch of Slackers

September 08, 2001

A few months ago, sportswriters asked us all to cut poor Tim Salmon some slack. We all did, and guess what. It probably cost the Angels a wild-card spot.

Could Salmon's $10-million-a-year contract be keeping him in the game? You bet it is. But Bill Stoneman is not going to admit to another front-office blunder.

Let's cut the fans some slack, Bill.

Jerry Mazenko

Garden Grove


Winners never quit, and quitters never win. The former describes the Angel team that played with passion and enthusiasm immediately after the All-Star break. The latter describes the Angel team in late August and early September.

Even if this team could not have caught Oakland, it would have been nice to see the effort there every night. Do the Angel players and management want to know why we fans cheer for the Rally Monkey? It's because we want to believe that something magical might get this talented group of players to play up to their ability every single night.

David Rodriguez

Rowland Heights

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