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Drilling for the Truth on Energy Policy

April 01, 2002

Re "Industry's a Key Player in Energy Data," March 26: This headline comes as no surprise, considering the Bush-Cheney administration's well-known ties to oil and gas. The big question is, "Why can't the public get the rest of the story if it is so helpful in making public policy?" What is the good in keeping "advice, recommendations and opinions" in the decision-making process a secret? It is said to protect the free flow of ideas and information within our executive branch of government.

I have real trouble with that. If people can't stand behind what they say, then OK, keep them anonymous. But if the substance of their words can't stand the light of day, then that is intriguing. Thus I would implore Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham to tell us all how he made his important energy policy decisions so that we may at least follow the logic rather than just the money.

Arthur D. Wahl



"GOP Donors Lobbied Hard on Energy" (March 27) got me wondering. If the Clinton administration responded to a court order by submitting blanked-out pages, would that fact have been buried in the 10th paragraph of a Page A14 story? I'm guessing not, but I'm partisan.

I also wonder what would happen to me if I filed a tax return with empty boxes and undocumented deductions. Then again, I never promised to restore dignity and honor to the White House.

Stephen Siciliano

Los Angeles

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