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Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Workers

April 01, 2002

Re "Davis: Let Migrants Drive," March 28: Three points. Gov. Gray Davis has again found a way to straddle an issue. Doesn't he believe in anything strongly enough to take a firm position one way or the other? Next, why are these illegal immigrants going to work in California anyway? The point is that they have no legal right to work in this country. Why in the world would we grant them a driver's license to go to jobs they shouldn't have?

Finally, could The Times please stop calling these people "migrants"? Migrants are people who are on their way to somewhere. These people who live here are, in fact, illegal immigrants.

Steven Gross

Los Angeles


Not withstanding other possible flaws of the proposed measure, there is no evidence that it will improve the safety of California highways. It seems naive to assume that those "illegal immigrants" who flunk the driving test, the most dangerous drivers of all, will stop driving.

Also, it is doubtful that those of them who pass the driving test will rush to buy auto insurance, which is really quite expensive in California.

Can one really believe that allowing them to take the driver's license test will significantly change that?

Marek A. Suchenek



Verily we must live in La-La Land. Gov. Davis proposes to let "undocumented" (read illegal) aliens obtain driver's licenses for work-related purposes. Would someone please inform the governor that it is illegal (no pun intended) to hire undocumented workers.

Employers must verify, by law, the eligibility status of an applicant to be hired. Is our governor pandering for votes; totally clueless as to federal law; attempting a typical political run-around of existing laws; or all of the aforementioned?

Gov. Davis should stick to fund-raising. That's what he is best at.

Harold E. Boucher

West Hills


After reading your article, I am convinced more than ever that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Does anyone believe that these undocumented folks are going to drive to and from work and then just park it when they get home? Wake up, California.

This proposal by the governor is just a subterfuge to bolster the state coffers, which he has managed to deplete through his incompetent handling of the state's energy crisis. And this is pandering to the Latino community for votes at its snake-belly lowest.

Good luck, California, because this summer my house goes on the market, and I am so out of here!

Keith Parks

La Puente

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