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'Just What Is Wrong With This Governor?'

April 02, 2002

Re "Davis Is Reversed in Parole Dispute," March 31, and "Davis Gets More Money From Prison Guards," March 30: Could anyone be more off base than Gov. Gray Davis? A man with terminal illness declared by the presiding judge to be the least culpable in a killing is a threat to society, parole denied?

Just what is wrong with this governor? Does part of his sellout to the correctional officers' union include stocking the prisons so that they can get 34% raises and he can get hundreds of thousands of dollars in political payoffs? What a deal. Then he fulfills a promise to the union to close private prisons to save "the taxpayer" money, except the budget pros say it won't. The decision does, however, increase the union staff in state prisons so the governor can get more than the measly $251,000 he just got from this union (oh yes, three weeks after he signed the raises).

Bob Driscoll

Woodland Hills


I have been a Democrat my entire life and have never been as embarrassed (even including Bill Clinton's indiscretions and pardons) as I have been by our governor's parole policy. How sinful! To make sure that a Willie Horton does not haunt him in his majestic quest for higher office, Davis has decided to totally ignore a parole board that has recommended that only 1% of the murderers before it be released. I pity you, dear governor, when the true judgment day comes around.

Martin Kodish



In what state can a large contribution to a gubernatorial candidate get your group a large pay raise when he becomes governor and then get the new governor another large contribution from the group? Hint: Its motto is "Eureka."

Sandy Friedfeld

Ranch Palos Verdes


Davis should be the poster child for campaign finance reform. He has been an utter failure the last four years, and I blame money. He knows that to win reelection he has to spend night and day dialing for dollars.

He had all the makings of a good governor: liberal background, government know-how and a landslide of support in his election. His campaign promised all the right things. But he has failed every promise, from education to the economy. It's not that he couldn't succeed, but he hasn't been able to concentrate. He has been too distracted with fund-raising. But who can blame him? It's the corrupt system we live in.

Craig Burlingame

San Diego


Blame me, I voted for Davis. I'm not sure what I saw in him. I guess I thought he would be Clinton without the scandals. But instead, Davis has failed us every chance he had. As hard as I try, I can't think of one good thing Davis has done for the state. Throw him out.

Geno Regetti

Palm Desert

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