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Animal Hold Law Led to Crowded Shelters

April 03, 2002

Re "A Humane Law Backfires," editorial, March 29: Animal control directors should not have to choose between holding too many animals in limited space in violation of animal cruelty laws or adhering to the [former state Sen. Tom] Hayden myth that the hundreds of thousands of stray, unwanted, dangerous or ill animals that end up in California shelters every year will all find homes if they are just kept long enough. This failed experiment should be ended.

It is the obligation of animal control agencies to provide public safety, a humane environment for impounded pets and to address the cruelty issues and lack of owner accountability that are the source of our burgeoning animal-human problems. We are seeing all too clearly that diverting their efforts and resources away from this task can be (literally) deadly.

Phyllis M. Daugherty

Director, Animal Issues

Movement, Los Angeles


Thank you for having the courage to print the truth. There are so many well-intended animal lovers who simply don't understand the problems created by longer holds that create overpopulated animal shelters.

Sadly, because there are far more well-intended animal lovers than shelter managers, you will be flooded by folks protesting your editorial, regardless of its veracity.

Hector R. Cazares

Animal Care Services Manager


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