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Big Butterscotch

April 10, 2002|Charles Perry; Emily Green

Uncle Zeke's of Lake City, Calif., sells old-fashioned homemade butterscotch candy that slowly melts in the mouth (it's not for chewing). Some people might find it has too much molasses flavor, but not when it appears in Uncle Zeke's other product, luscious 2-ounce chocolate chip cookies with butterscotch chunks. Both products are made with fresh butter.

Uncle Zeke's butterscotch cookies or cracked butterscotch candy, 1 pound of either, $15 plus $3.95 shipping (rush delivery also available); (800) 847-4731 or

Charles Perry


Ancient Ojai Oil

The Ojai Valley was once a thriving center of Californian olive oil production, but for the better part of the last century, only the occasional orchard of gnarled olive trees has escaped the ax. Now Ojai citrus farmer Ron Asquith and his family have revived the tradition. Working with olives from 120-year-old trees they found on their orange farm, and yet more from young trees they have planted recently, they pressed their first oil last November. The result is an oil that is fruity and disarmingly fresh in a distinctive tall blue bottle.

First vintage Ojai Olive Oil, $15 for 375-milliliter bottles, available at the Sunday Ojai farmers market, 300 E. Matilija St., Sundays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, contact the Ojai Olive Oil Co., (805) 646-5964 or send e-mail to

Emily Green

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