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Man, 43, Suspected of Killings in Rosemead Is Held in Mexico

April 10, 2002|From a Times Staff Writer

Authorities said a man whose obsession with his ex-girlfriend in 1999 caused him to storm into a Rosemead home and kill four members of a family has been arrested in Mexico.

Evelio Rivera Zacarias, 43, was arrested Sunday in the state of Zacatecas, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced Tuesday.

Since the killings, Zacarias has lived freely in Mexico. The Mexican government would not extradite him because of its policy of not returning people to the United States who could face the death penalty. It's not clear why Mexican authorities decided to arrest him now.

Zacarias will be tried in Mexico for the slayings, the Sheriff's Department said.

Authorities said Zacarias was jealous because his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his two children, was dating a man named Jaime Pacheco, 48. On Aug. 9, 1999, Zacarias allegedly followed the couple to the home of Pacheco's brother, Oscar, where authorities said he began shooting.

He allegedly shot 14-year-old Andy Pacheco, Oscar's son, as the boy played a video game. Also killed were the Pacheco brothers and Victor Flores, 49, Jaime Pacheco's brother-in-law. Two other people were wounded.

Walking outside, authorities said, Zacarias was surprised to find Andy had managed to stagger to the sidewalk, where he collapsed.

Authorities and family members said Zacarias kicked the boy and shot him dead as his mother watched from a neighbor's home. Zacarias then allegedly kidnapped a woman at the home and raped her in a car. She was later released.

A cousin, who drove Zacarias to Mexico, was eventually arrested.

Mexican prosecutors will try Zacarias for two of the killings, but it's unclear which ones.

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