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Driver's Licenses for Illegal Workers

April 11, 2002

The true agenda for those seeking driver's licenses for illegal aliens is coming clear (April 9). Despite all their arguments that they only want illegal aliens to be able to legally drive in California, advocates now oppose any indicator on a legal driver's license that the bearer is residing in the country illegally. Obviously, they want the state to join in their conspiracy to thwart federal laws against illegal immigration and the hiring of illegal immigrants and could not care less about whether illegal aliens are legally driving in the state.

James R. Dorcy

San Diego


Here we go again, another harebrained scheme to fool the electorate--giving illegal aliens California driver's licenses but not wanting to identify the driver on the driver's license as an illegal alien. Gov. Gray Davis attempts to give credibility to this latest scheme by using Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to head the task force to craft a compromise bill to give illegal aliens California driver's licenses. To Baca's credit, he did admit that it is virtually impossible to enforce a law that permitted driving for employment purposes only. He also admitted that it is against the law for an employer to knowingly hire an undocumented worker.

Davis is so desperate to court Latino voters that he will do almost anything to get their support. Sometimes I think I am in a parallel universe when I learn about the antics in Sacramento.

Alvina Phillips

Los Alamitos

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