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UC Finds Spot for Student

Education: Santa Cruz campus will admit South Korea resident who was one of 105 people mistakenly accepted at UC Davis. He had turned down only other offer.


One of the students involved in the UC Davis admissions office foul-up--a glitch involving 105 rejected applicants mistakenly sent acceptance letters--has found another home in the UC system.

The student, S.K. Lee, a 19-year-old from South Korea, has accepted a hastily arranged offer to attend UC Santa Cruz.

His lawyer, Benjamin Y. Kim of El Segundo, said Lee had turned down the other university that admitted him, Hanyang University in South Korea, after receiving his bogus acceptance letter from UC Davis.

After Lee received a "notice of error" from UC Davis, he was left with no arrangement to attend college in the coming school year. As a result, Davis admissions officials contacted their counterparts at Santa Cruz, and Lee was admitted there. Lee, who was born in New York but raised mainly in South Korea, plans to major in psychology at UC Santa Cruz.

Of the 105 affected applicants, the only other one known to have appealed wasn't as lucky as Lee. Yuta Sakane, a senior at a German American school in Berlin, was turned down in his appeal to UC Davis.

However, Sakane was accepted at other U.S. schools, and said Thursday that he expects to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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