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Newspaper Gets a Good-Natured Dressing-Down Over Misquote

April 26, 2002|From Associated Press

WICHITA, Kan. — Barbara Bush decided it was breast not to take offense.

The former first lady was in El Dorado this month to speak at Butler County Community College. A reporter for the Wichita Eagle misheard her, and the newspaper quoted her as joking about having three "breast sizes" during her life, rather than three "dress sizes."

The newspaper ran a correction the next day, but it recently received a letter from Mrs. Bush. The paper ran the letter on its Sunday editorial page.

"I've just become abreast of your recent article, 'Barbara Bush wows El Dorado,' " the letter began.

"I am indeed a bosom buddy to two presidents, so I shared some of the things I have learned in 76 years of life," she wrote. "That includes 57 years of married life, six children, 14 grandchildren, five wars, three DRESS sizes, two governors, two parachute jumps, and now two presidents.

"Your article has left this generally outspoken mother speechless, but has given my children much to laugh about."

At the end of the typewritten letter was a hand-penned note: "I just wanted to get this off my chest!"

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