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Nixon Library Reveals the Family History

April 26, 2002

Re "2 Nixon Daughters, 1 Big Feud," April 23: I was somewhat astounded about how Richard Nixon's daughters, Tricia and Julie, were engaged in a family fist-fight over the control of the Nixon library in Yorba Linda. I was never a fan of President Nixon, but I visited the library a couple of years ago. The nine-acre setting is elegant and appropriate. The staff was courteous and informative. The exhibits were interesting, and on the subject of the Watergate scandal, the library doesn't pull any punches. The institution deals directly with the subject and clearly displays information about the burglary and subsequent cover-up that destroyed his presidency. It is a great history lesson for all to see.

My late father, who had an eighth-grade education and became a self-made man in the garment industry, once told me that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and "never do business with your relatives." Sage advice. Too bad the Nixon daughters don't seem to have my dad's common sense.

Arthur A. Lord



Nixon was bright and insightful about others but blind to himself and a paranoid control freak. The negative parts of his personality brought his presidency down. It looks like his daughters inherited the same characteristics in differing proportions. It's ironic that his library is suffering from an ignominious battle--just as his presidency did--because of the flaws in his personality that he passed on to his daughters.

Dan Branstrom

Desert Hot Springs

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