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Search for the Truth About Sept. 11 Gets Kiss of Death

December 06, 2002

In "Want a Cover-Up Expert? Kissinger's Your Man" (Commentary, Dec. 3), Robert Scheer states, "The truth about Sept. 11 might dampen [President] Bush's exploitation of tragedy to draw attention from a sagging economy, a down stock market and stunning financial scandals that began with the downfall of Bush's close buddies at Enron."

The Dow Jones industrials last week posted their eighth straight weekly gain, the biggest two-month advance in more than 15 years. An economy that began its decline in the Clinton administration is now rebounding strongly under the Bush administration, including a booming home real estate market. And lest Scheer forget, the "stunning financial scandals" were being orchestrated during the Clinton years.

Had Scheer's idol, former President Clinton, really been doing the work of the American people instead of playing with Monica, Sept. 11 might never have happened, and Henry Kissinger would never have been a footnote in this tragic history.

Robert L. Rosebrock



Of course, Scheer is right on target. Like so much of what has been going on with our present administration, if it wasn't so serious it would be comical. Kissinger to head a commission looking into the intelligence failures that led to 9/11? If Bush had been around at the time, would he have appointed Jesse James to look into train robberies? How about Al Capone investigating the mob? So now we have the unwholesome spectacle of Kissinger, with a long and documented record of lying to the Congress, the media and the public -- a man sought by various countries around the globe for his participation in crimes against humanity -- being appointed by our president to head a commission into the overwhelming "failures of intelligence" that led to the catastrophe of 9/11. Bush, who has been resisting any real investigation into these events, can rest assured with the appointment of Kissinger that he will get his wish.

But shouldn't we all be outraged by the haughty slap in the face Bush has inflicted on the American public, and even worse, the total lack of elemental decency toward the families of the victims of 9/11?

Ronald Rubin


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