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Guantanamo Prisoners Deserve Fair Trials

December 28, 2002

Re "Many Held at Guantanamo Not Likely Terrorists" (Dec. 22) misses the appalling tragedy that the Bush administration is inflicting on the American people. The tragedy is not that some innocent farmers are mixed in with real terrorists but that they are all being held without charge, without legal representation and without trial.

I have faith that our criminal justice system could provide fair trials and I have faith that military courts-martial could provide fair trials. It is our politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, who demonstrate their lack of faith in the American system that they swore to uphold. Should we be proud that we are running a concentration camp? The Germans have spent the last 50 years apologizing for their atrocities and wars of aggression. Are we to spend the next 50 years doing the same?

Steven Morris



Thanks for the eye-opening article on the Guantanamo Bay detainees. Something must be done for the innocent detainees. Not all people living in Afghanistan belonged to the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Most of them had no choice but to live under their barbaric rule. We should not add to their miseries.

Syed Zaidi


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