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Writers Guild Nominations Announced

'Gosford Park,' 'The Man Who Wasn't There' and 'A Beautiful Mind' are among films up for script awards in a competitive year.


"It's extraordinary," Goldsman said by phone from New York. "You go to your first writing class and read aloud to other people who write and those are always the people who are your best critics. They know what you do every day. It's a funny, odd, twisted vocation, this writing."

'Rings' Writing Team Faced Difficult Challenges

The writing team of Walsh and Boyens, speaking by phone from Wellington, New Zealand, said the nomination was "the highest compliment" they could imagine.

The challenge facing them, the two women said, was not only staying true to J.R.R. Tolkien's work, but taking a story that seemed almost impossible to turn into a movie and bring those characters to life by fitting them in a cinematic structure.

There were times during the long production, they admitted, when things looked so bleak, that one writer looked at the other and joked, "Please kill me!"

"It was the middle of the year 2000 and [director] Peter [Jackson] had already been shooting 200-something days and we were in a constant revision process," Boyens recalled.

Writing, she added, is "pretty messy" anyway, but "it was also exhilarating in a way."

The Writers Guild Awards will take place March 2 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and simultaneously at the Pierre Hotel in New York.

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