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Stop the 'Vigilante Meter Man From Lido Isle'

February 10, 2002

Re "Lido Man Seeks Separation of Church, Beach Parking," Jan. 16:

Just when we thought Newport Beach newsmakers couldn't get any more trivial, along comes the vigilante meter man from Lido Isle (John Nelson) who believes it is his constitutional duty to see that parking meters are duly enforced during church services on the Balboa Peninsula.

Somebody please tell me that this man suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder and doesn't actually believe that this is what our forefathers meant by "separation of church and state." Unlike Nelson, the brilliant minds that drafted our Constitution entertained a vision called "the big picture."

Peggy Normandi

Costa Mesa


As I understand, you have a problem finding a parking place.

And to this, you want churchgoers to be subjected to the same draconian punishment that the parking service inflicts on us all--and this, especially, on Sunday morning? Aren't you fearful of divine vengeance?

Bill Joyce

Laguna Beach

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