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Let's Reduce Class Sizes to the National Average

February 10, 2002

Re "Role of Class Size in Success Unclear," Feb. 5:

Go ahead and debate the value of class-size reduction, but the fact remains that California's schools have the most students per teacher in the nation. I teach upper elementary school and have had 30 to 36 students every year for 25 years. It should be obvious that having fewer students results in more personal and effective teaching and learning. Instead of considering increasing class size even more, we should be asking why California won't fund and staff schools at least at the national average. After all, it's not the testing that's been improving our students' academic performance. It's the teaching.

Kurt Page

Laguna Niguel


I have the privilege of volunteering in my son's kindergarten class once a week and know for a fact that there are well over 20 children sitting in that Irvine classroom as well as many other kindergarten classrooms across the district.

For the hour that I am working with these children, I am overwhelmed with trying to help meet the needs of such a large number of students and at the same time trying to keep the attention of the group.

I invite you to visit a kindergarten classroom and volunteer for a while. After a brief experience, I am sure you will walk away with a new appreciation for kindergarten teachers.

Denise Ruiz


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