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Getting in Touch With Our Enlightened Natures

January 01, 2002

Regarding "Meditation Camp: 11 Days to an Enlightened You," (Dec. 16): We are all like the person who is looking for his glasses in every conceivable place he can think of, and then discovers that he's wearing them. All the searching was not necessary. The moment of truth came only after he became aware that he was wearing them.

The 11 days of this spiritual camp are a reminder that we are all searching for something. It might take 11 days to discover that we can't find what we are looking for because, like the glasses, our essential self is not missing. Our enlightened nature is right where it's supposed to be.

Once we see the problem is just that we haven't been able to be aware of this enlightened nature within us, we need to bring our mind back to the present every time it wanders. When we do wander through the dark forests of our thoughts and worries, we have to come back to ourselves and understand that there is nothing to fear.

When we finally see we're already complete, we will stop searching and become more aware when we start to wander from this safe haven--our enlightened nature.


Monterey Park

'News' That's Fit

for a Tabloid?

What a plethora of news: a lead story in City of Angles (Dec. 12) about two 23-year-olds whose life accomplishments to date are servicing ancient Hugh Hefner and his ancient friends, and the third installment of the e-mail rantings of two second-tier television producers whose self-importance belies what they do for a living.

Add an article on a vodka promotion that mentions the sponsor three times in the second paragraph but, in that same paragraph, calls the promotion "too much of a promotion."

Am I reading a newspaper or a tabloid?


Los Angeles

Don We Now

Our Gay Apparel

If my husband made me promise in a prenuptial agreement not to wear a Christmas sweater even though "he was addicted to television sports or casting dirty underwear to and fro," our marriage would not have lasted 491/2 years ("Oh, the Sweaters Outside Are Frightful," Dec. 12).

The Christmas sweater-jacket entered my wardrobe just a few years ago. My daughter had it made for me because she loves me. It is bright red with whimsical bears in all their finery parading up one side of the front, across the yoke and down the other side of the front lapels. It is elegant, washable and makes me happy when I wear it around the holidays. My husband wears Santa socks, a Christmas tie and a red shirt.

Shame on you, [Hartford Courant writer Greg] Moraga, for trying to take all the fun out of Christmas.

In spite of your vitriolic attack on Christmas sweaters that did intimidate me for about a second, I wear my Christmas jacket when I go to church on Christmas, and it does not confuse me as to what Christmas is all about.


Rancho Palos Verdes

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