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New Laws on Pets, Kids and School Nutrition

January 04, 2002

Your annual summary of new state laws is always enlightening (Jan. 1). SB 237 warns newcomers that it is a $1,000 fine to abandon pets. SB 255 makes it a $100 fine to leave children under age 6 unsupervised in a vehicle if there are "significant risks to the child's safety."

I'm all in favor of animal rights, but it is unfortunate that our lawmakers have such twisted priorities.

Edward Kaz

West Hills


Twenty-six years ago my adolescent son left our nutrition-conscious household without breakfast to get to the sweet rolls sold at his high school. I found that neither the PTA nor the school board thought nutritious snacks were important. Now that some legislators are addicted to junk foods and obesity is rampant even among children, Sen. Martha Escutia (D-Whittier) gets some nutritional standards for some schools put into law. Thank you, senator.

Bette Simons

Sherman Oaks

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