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Loss of Life Not Measured in Dollars

January 05, 2002

I agree with John Balzar's Jan. 2 commentary, "True Need vs. Greed." I am not a rich man. I sent a contribution to the families of the policemen and firemen of New York not to make them rich but to help them through a bad time. I am OK with paying for whatever it takes to get these families back on their feet and even paying for the education of the children.

I believe the people of New York should be calling for the just use of these funds and sending them to wherever they are needed, as it seems there is more than enough to address the needs of the affected families.

Robert Magallanes



Balzar expressed my sentiments exactly. Loss of a loved one is just as painful for the family of a victim of a drunk driver as for the family of a victim of Sept. 11.

One minor correction. The interest on Treasury notes is taxable by the federal government. It is, however, free of state and local taxes.

Cleo Sopp


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