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Illegal Immigrants Drain Resources

January 06, 2002

Re "Home of Immigration Activist Vandalized," Dec. 25:

Until the United States realizes that we already have terrorists in our land, we will continue to overload the country's resources and be forced to live under the conditions imposed on us by uneducated people who have illegally crossed our borders. These people are not vandals, they are terrorists. They make every attempt (blessed by Vicente Fox) not to migrate legally and peacefully, but to change our country, our laws, our language, our customs.

The Latinos in Coe's organization are angry at the illegal border crossers for damaging the reputation of all Americans and legal residents who happen to be Latino.

Rosalyn A. Franks



Barbara Coe has been a brave, patriotic American. Her house was vandalized because she feels, as I do, that uncontrolled immigration is wrecking America. The Times gave her four inches of space on Christmas Day. If it were the home of a Latino, black or Muslim leader, it would have rated Page 1.

For readers interested in level playing fields, consider this: Coe's California Coalition for Immigration Reform exists on individual donations--no big corporations or national tax-exempt funds. A local pro-immigration group in Orange County has received $60 million over the years from the Ford Foundation alone.

Andre Kerr

Laguna Woods

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