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The Dead

January 06, 2002

This is a list of names added to the total of confirmed dead in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. There are no new names this week from the attack on the Pentagon. This list, released since Dec. 28, updates accountings that have appeared in The Times each Sunday since Sept. 11. The number of people unaccounted for, according to New York City officials, is now believed to be 358.

Joseph Agnello

Calixto Anaya

Peter A. Bielfeld

Michael E. Brennan

Paul G. Bristow

George Cain

Robert Chin

Steven Coakley

Liam J. Colhoun

Alejandro Cordero

Michael Curtin

Michael D. D'Auria

Geronimo "Jerome" Mark

Patrick Dominguez

Brett O. Freiman

Howard G. Gelling

Rodney C. Gillis

Vincent G. Halloran

Harvey R. Hermer

Gavkharoy Mukhometovna Kamardinova

John A. Larson

Eric A. Lehrfeld

Nickie L. Lindo

Diarella Jovannah Mena

Charles Mendez

Sanae Mori

James F. Murphy

Frank Joseph Naples

Takashi Ogawa

Masaru Ose

James N. Pappageorge

Anthony Perez

Kevin Pfeifer

Christopher Pickford

Vincent Princiotta

Hemanth Kumar Puttur

Christian Michael Otto Regenhard

Kevin O. Reilly

Joseph Rivelli

Catherina Robinson

Wendy Alice Rosario Wakeford

Jeffrey Randall Smith

Yoichi Sugiyama

Rhondelle Cherie Tankard

Hector Luis Tirado

Thomas Tong

Tyler V. Ugolyn

Peter A. Vega

Vincent M. Wells

Kevin M. Williams


Compiled from lists provided by Associated Press and the Coroner's Office of New York City.

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