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Billboard Blight on Area Freeways

January 06, 2002

Re "L.A. to Fight 11th-Hour Billboard Installation," Jan. 3: We have enough trash along our freeways; we don't need billboards too [on land owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority]. They should all be removed. They are a distraction to the motorist and an eyesore.

Andrew J. Gero

La Crescenta


So county Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky [who serves on the MTA board] believes that STI/Outdoor acted in bad faith as it put up signs before the new billboard restrictions took place on New Year's Day. How would anyone on the MTA board recognize a bad-faith practice? The board consistently ignores public opinion and uses any means necessary to fund pet projects.

It's comforting to know that as my home is surrounded by 10-lane expressways and cars whizzing by at 50 mph, I won't have to suffer billboard blight.

Michele Levin


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