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No Check in the Mail for Murdered Father

January 07, 2002

Re "True Need vs. True Greed," Commentary, Jan. 2: Looks like I haven't been pondering alone. The idea of million-dollar settlements in the World Trade Center attacks bothers me too. Thank you, John Balzar.

You see, my reason is personal. My father was murdered in October 1996, three months before JonBenet Ramsey. Oh, you remember JonBenet but not my father? I'm not surprised. You see, his murder is still unsolved, didn't get a lot of press attention and, needless to say, didn't get a lot of law enforcement attention either, as it's now considered a "cold case." And would you believe it? I'm still waiting for my check in the mail to cover my loss and my grieving. Not to mention the nightmares I've suffered since reading his autopsy. Oh wait, that's right. There is no check in the mail. His murder wasn't political, or should I dare say, important?

Stephanie Peskie

Los Angeles


Kudos to Balzar for printing what we can only hope has been on the minds and in the hearts of the apparently silent minority who still have the common sense to be, at the very least, "bothered" by displays of greed and pseudo-patriotism. Those engaging in such displays should be ashamed for infecting the memory of their loved ones with moral depravity for nothing but money. They overshadow the true courage, dignity and honor with which many families endure tragic and sudden personal loss, not only on Sept. 11 but every day of every year.

Jeri E. Tabback

Laguna Niguel

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