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Campaign Funds Put Davis in Dire Straits

January 07, 2002

Re "Davis Takes Fund-Raising Nationwide," Dec. 30: The Democrats should stop now. Who wants to elect a governor who is beholden to financial powers out of state? Should Gov. Gray Davis not first minister to California's citizens? This same frenetic desperation and lack of wisdom was seen in the power shortage only a few months ago.

Davis' is an administration of foolishness and panic, searching for bits of flotsam on the sea of pragmatism, rather than one of ideas and wisdom for the future.

Who will vote for a man with his heart in an alien state for the sake of Mammon?

Harry J. Zell

San Gabriel


Money for Davis' campaign in the next election seems more important than anything in the state of California. His goal is $50 million? It's best he raise his campaign money in other states where they don't know him. Too bad he couldn't have worked harder in saving California taxpayers from the quarter-cent increase in sales tax and from residents' utility bills doubling in costs.

I hope people will realize when they see their incomes dwindling and will know who is responsible by election time.

Willa Miller

Huntington Beach

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