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Seifert Is Fired by Panthers

January 08, 2002|From Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — George Seifert's tenure as coach of the Carolina Panthers ended Monday in the same way he spent much of the season--with his players in the dark and most not really caring.

It was that lack of energy and desire that cost Seifert his job. He was fired Monday after three seasons capped by an NFL-record 15 straight losses in one season that owner Jerry Richardson said took all the passion out of the franchise.

"The energy has been sucked out of our organization and our fan base," Richardson said. "We've lost 15 in a row.... We were 31st in the league in offense and 31st in defense. It couldn't continue. I had to make a change."

Although the firing was expected, the players were the last to know.

Many said Seifert held his usual Monday morning meeting, never mentioning his fate and acting as if he would be back next season. But Seifert already knew his stint was done--Richardson said discussions started between the two last Friday.

"That's how he is, secretive, a to-the-vest kind of guy who holds everything to himself," cornerback Jimmy Hitchcock said.

"I don't think he was a players' coach."


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