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Behind the Scenes at Pixar

January 09, 2002


"Toy Story" (1995)

"A Bug's Life" (1998)

"Toy Story 2" (1999)

"Monsters, Inc." (2001)

"Finding Nemo" (2003)

Short Films

(available for viewing at

"The Adventures of Andre & Wally B." (1984)

"Luxo Jr." (1986)

"Red's Dream" (1987)

"Tin Toy" (1988)

"Knick Knack" (1989 )

"Geri's Game" (1997)

"For the Birds" (2000)


Marionette animation system for modeling, animating and lighting

Ringmaster production management software system for scheduling and tracking a computer animation project

RenderMan rendering software system for high-quality, photo-realistic image synthesis

Management/Office of the President

Steven P. Jobs, chairman/CEO

Edwin E. Catmull, president

Ann Mather, executive vice president/CFO

John Lasseter, executive vice president/creative

Sarah McArthur, executive vice president/production

Employees: More than 600

Headquarters: Emoryville, Calif.

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