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The Skinny

January 10, 2002

"Cel Damage"

Genre: Vehicle combat

Platform: Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube

Price: $50

Publisher: Electronic Arts

ESRB* rating: Teen

The good: Beautiful visuals

The bad: Often confusing

Bottom line: A perfect party game

"The Simpsons Road Rage"

Genre: Driving

Platform: Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2

Price: $50

Publisher: Electronic Arts

ESRB rating: Teen

The good: Voices by "Simpsons" cast

The bad: Nothing new here

Bottom line: Play "Crazy Taxi" instead

"Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius"

Genre: Side-scroller

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Price: $40

Publisher: THQ Inc.

ESRB rating: Everyone

The good: Nice challenges, sharp graphics

The bad: Repetitive

Bottom line: A great game for kids

*Entertainment Software Ratings Board

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