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Protect the Ocean From Privatization

January 10, 2002

Hooray for "It's the People's Coastline" (editorial, Jan. 7), on the Coastal Conservancy standing up for all of the people. I don't blame folks for being annoyed at strangers peering at them; maybe one-way windows are the answer. I do know that if you live by a dairy, expect smell; if you live by a train, expect noise; if you live by the mountains, expect coyotes; and if you live by the beach in California, expect anything.

I do think California should take on the task of providing and caring for the upkeep of beach stairs and facilities. Aren't we proud of our state? Volunteers are great, but day-by-day attention to maintenance and cleanup is asking a lot. Why not let us all designate an extra dollar of our state taxes to go for beach-access policing and maintenance? After all, the feds let you give a dollar to politicians, but they can't give you fish, waves, whales, dolphins, great views and weather, all free, as can our ocean.

Martha Scudder

Rancho Cucamonga


I have a solution. No one is allowed to build on the ocean side of the Pacific Coast Highway. All building occurs on the inland side only. Everyone gets to see and use the beach, and no one intrudes on anyone's privacy. Everybody wins.

Marianne Cohen

Huntington Beach

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