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Showing Little Sympathy for Holiday Loner

January 11, 2002

Regarding "Low-Tech Postings of His Holiday Loneliness," Dec. 28: At the very young age of 24, this loser has already thrown away his wife and two kids, whom he visits "here and there." These children, whom he chose to bring into the world, deserve to be with their father at least half the time ... that would surely cure his loneliness.


Rancho Palos Verdes


I'm a single, well-educated 23-year-old woman; why would I want to spend the holidays with a divorced father who spends most of his time moping and plans entire days around televised Laker games?

I think there is a simple explanation as to why Sean Davidson is so lonely. Until he gets a life and stops making the "I'm shy, I'm intense, I'm true, so no one can handle me" excuses, no doubt his predicament will continue.

Good luck, Mr. Davidson.



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